Process Addictions List

Due to the general definition of a process addiction many different addictive behaviors can fall within the category of a process addiction. The main element of an addiction being a process addiction is that it is not a chemical addiction to drugs or alcohol. The physical and mental mechanics of addiction are the same.

The list can include any day-to-day activity that has become overpowering and destructive in an individual’s life.

Here is a list of some of the most common process addictions:

As you can see literally anything can become a process addiction if it starts to follow the criteria for an addictive disorder.

Addictive Disorder Criteria

• Tolerance
• Withdrawal
• Greater quantity or intensity than intended
• Unsuccessful attempts at cutting back/stopping
• Time spent (preparing, engaging, recovering)
• Loss in other life domains
• Continued despite significant consequences
• Elements of:
– Use as an escape
– Illegal activities
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