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Inspire Malibu
Inspire Malibu is a science & evidence based alcohol & drug addiction treatment center in Malibu.

Inspire Malibu is a science and evidence based non 12 Step alcohol rehab and drug addiction treatment center based in Malibu, California. At Inspire Malibu, we ensure the success of each client because our rehab treatment program, when followed diligently, is extraordinarily effective. This effectiveness is a result of the vision of Dr. Akikur Reza Mohammad, which has helped to create a program that combines traditional approaches with modern, all-therapy based approaches to create a program that is very different from most other rehab treatment programs. Inspire Malibu is not a medical facility or hospital. All medical services are rendered by outside service providers.
30101 Agoura Court, STE. 103
Agoura Hills
Malibu Rehab Center
Malibu Rehab Center is a drug & alcohol treatment center in Malibu, CA.

Malibu Rehab Center is a 17 bed, 30 – 90 day, residential, non 12-step, evidence-based, co-ed, detox, drug & alcohol treatment center located in Malibu, CA. We specialize in treatment and long-term recovery of addiction (including alcohol and opiates).
(866) 370-6396
33239 Mulholland Hwy.