Changing Tides Addiction Treatment

Changing Tides Addiction Treatment
Changing Tides Addiction Treatment
Changing Tides is a CARF accredited facility working with both substance abuse and mental health residents.

CARF accredited Treatment centers that handle both substance addictions along with psychological disorders are few and far between. Changing Tides is equipped to treat both substance use disorders and mental health disorders simultaneously while providing clients with the tools needed to begin a life in recovery. With a staff of educated professionals trained to treat co-occurring disorders, clients can expect to receive an individualized treatment program for their unique needs. Changing Tides specialized treatment programs range from the cutting edge adventure therapies to the more traditional trauma and group therapies. Upon Arrival client’s treatment programs are developed by a Master’s level therapist and will be reviewed weekly by the full clinical team to document progress. Privacy is also an essential factor for the recovery process at Changing Tides. Clients can expect a high level of discretion in addition to personalized attention to their needs.
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