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Amethyst Recovery Center in Port St Lucie, FL
Individualized Care for Those Suffering with Mental Health Issues and Substance Abuse Disorders Located on Florida's Beautiful Treasure Coast.

Amethyst Recovery Center Philosophy

With over 75 years of combined experience, our staff is uniquely qualified to guide you through the recovery journey. Instead of transitioning from one treatment facility to a separate intensive outpatient treatment center, clients will stay with Amethyst for the duration of their treatment.

From the first day of treatment, clients will form bonds with staff and with each other that will last through sober living and beyond. This continuity of care allows for a deeper level of trust and understanding between clients and their therapy team.
2000 SE Port St Lucie Blvd, Suite B
Port Saint Lucie
Changing Tides Addiction Treatment
Changing Tides is a CARF accredited facility working with both substance abuse and mental health residents.

CARF accredited Treatment centers that handle both substance addictions along with psychological disorders are few and far between. Changing Tides is equipped to treat both substance use disorders and mental health disorders simultaneously while providing clients with the tools needed to begin a life in recovery. With a staff of educated professionals trained to treat co-occurring disorders, clients can expect to receive an individualized treatment program for their unique needs. Changing Tides specialized treatment programs range from the cutting edge adventure therapies to the more traditional trauma and group therapies. Upon Arrival client's treatment programs are developed by a Master's level therapist and will be reviewed weekly by the full clinical team to document progress. Privacy is also an essential factor for the recovery process at Changing Tides. Clients can expect a high level of discretion in addition to personalized attention to their needs.
(844) 883-3869
2021 Sperry Ave Suite 18
Drug Rehab Pittsburgh
The best drug rehab center in Pittsburgh, PA.

Drug Rehab Pittsburgh offers the best solution when it comes to drug addictions treatments, clients throughout Pittsburgh are helped to recover from drug addiction and start a sober life. Our team of qualified staff works hard to create and maintain a positive and honest relationship with every client with confidentiality being a top priority. Our quality programs look beyond the physical aspect of addiction to helping our patients reintegrate back into family and community life. We give a recovering addict the best chance of succeeding. We believe we are the best when it comes to Drug Rehab in Pittsburgh.

At Drug Rehab Pittsburgh, drug detoxification is done as an inpatient or an outpatient and starts with clearing body of the addictive drug. We prefer the inpatient treatment for use on medical detoxification as the treatment provides full benefits of our treatment program that include contact support, supervision, surveillance, and counseling.

Our methods of drug rehab include medical detoxification Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, holistic treatment, behavioral modification and biophysical treatment. Holistic treatment for drug addiction uses the ideas of holistic medicine which implies the belief that most physical and mental aspects play a role in recovering from illness or addiction. We use behavior modification programs to teach our patients on how to identify destructive behavior and to replace with positive behaviors. We accomplished this through positive reinforcement as negative reinforcement cause more harm than any good and it is a stumbling block to recovery.

The cost of drug rehabilitation treatment is affordable, and we offer various payment packages depending on the type of therapy. We also accept insurance payment plans for inpatient and outpatient treatment. Some of our programs are results-oriented, and we charge on flat rate fee, regardless of the time you take to gain sobriety and be able to cope with everyday life again.

If you have a drug problem in Pittsburgh, and you are looking for help, please contact Drug Rehab Pittsburgh as we are the best in drug rehab.
(412) 567-4044
600 Grant St #660B
Elevation Behavioral Health
Elevation Behavioral Health is a dual-diagnosis treatment facility in Malibu, California, offering the full continuum of care.

Elevation Behavioral Health is a fully licensed residential treatment facility located in the affluent community of Agoura Hills, California. Located in Canyon Country near the beaches of Malibu, Elevation is licensed with the Department of Health Care Services and the Department of Social Services.

The facility is co-owned and operated by Dr. Priya Chaudhri and Steven Booth, both individuals with extensive experience running high-end rehabs for over a decade. Clients at Elevation Behavioral Health live in luxurious accommodations and receive individualized treatment that is designed to help them develop a solid foundation of recovery using evidence-based methods of treatment. Clients with primary mental health diagnosis are treated as are those with co-occurring substance abuse issues.
(800) 790-7524
31409 Pacific Coast Hwy
Forte Strong
We help young men overcome video game addictions.

Forte Strong in St. George, UT, isn't a traditional treatment center. We treat young men, ages 18-26, who suffer from video game addiction. This addiction can prevent young men from succeeding in life, by causing them to be unable to hold a full-time job, gain a college degree, or otherwise succeed. We have a team of life coaches and therapists on staff to help every student grow and overcome their addiction.
619 S Bluff St. Tower 1 Suite 301
St George
Great Oaks Recovery Center
Inpatient Addiction Treatment Center in Egypt, Texas

Great Oaks Recovery Center has a full continuum of care to assist the chemically dependent individual on the road to a recovered life through an individualized treatment programming. Great Oaks provides comprehensive, innovative and compassionate residential programs for individuals suffering with addiction. Our unique drug and alcohol rehabilitation program uses a multi-disciplinary approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation, with a team of addiction professionals including licensed and certified counselors, licensed social workers, medical doctors, and a broad range of nurses, nursing assistants, all of whom specialize in addiction, alcoholism, and dual diagnosis., These highly trained and credentialed professionals collaborate to guide each resident through a thorough diagnosis, individualized addiction treatment, and aftercare.

Great Oaks Recovery Center
11210 FM 102
Inspire Malibu
Inspire Malibu is a science & evidence based alcohol & drug addiction treatment center in Malibu.

Inspire Malibu is a science and evidence based non 12 Step alcohol rehab and drug addiction treatment center based in Malibu, California. At Inspire Malibu, we ensure the success of each client because our rehab treatment program, when followed diligently, is extraordinarily effective. This effectiveness is a result of the vision of Dr. Akikur Reza Mohammad, which has helped to create a program that combines traditional approaches with modern, all-therapy based approaches to create a program that is very different from most other rehab treatment programs. Inspire Malibu is not a medical facility or hospital. All medical services are rendered by outside service providers.
30101 Agoura Court, STE. 103
Agoura Hills
JC’s Christian Recovery Center
Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction may be one of the most difficult journeys your friend or loved one ever embarks on—yet the reward is a sweet one. The recovery process offers true freedom from addiction’s hold, and a life of joy, fullness and well-being.

Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction may be one of the most difficult journeys your friend or loved one ever embarks on—yet the reward is a sweet one. The recovery process offers true freedom from addiction’s hold, and a life of joy, fullness and well-being.

At JC’s Recovery Center in Hollywood, Florida, our passion is for providing a firm foundation for that recovery journey—a foundation built on faith. We offer PHP, IOP, and outpatient treatment for those looking to leave addiction behind, and to replace it with something real and lasting.

JC’s Recovery Center meets the highest standards for quality addiction treatment and client care. Our facilities are accredited by The Joint Commission, the oldest and largest accrediting body in U.S. health care, with some of the most rigorous standards in the industry. In collaboration with other stakeholders, The Joint Commission (formerly JCAHO) evaluates health care organizations and inspires them to excel in providing safe and effective care of the highest quality and value through onsite surveys, education and performance assessments. Earning The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval is a widely recognized symbol of quality that reflects commitment to meeting industry performance standards.

Christian Drug Rehab
(844) 524-6873
1818 Sheridan Street
LifeSkills South Florida
LifeSkills South Florida is a dual diagnosis treatment center in Deerfield Beach, Florida. The company specializes in treating conditions such as drug and alcohol addiction, depression, anxiety, autism spectrum disorder and similar disorders.

LifeSkills South Florida has two campuses; one in Deerfield Beach, Florida and an outpatient location in Delray Beach, Florida. Treatment programs are typically long term with an emphasis on building the life skills needed to live a long life in recovery. The company is an out of network treatment provider but will welcome most insurance plans except for Medicaid and Medicare.

LifeSkills South Florida
1431 SW 9th Avenue
Deerfield Beach
Magnolia Creek Treatment Center for Eating Disorders
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Magnolia Creek is a treatment center for adult women with eating disorders.

Located just outside of Birmingham, Alabama, Magnolia Creek Treatment Center for Eating Disorders treats women who struggle with mood disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, attachment disorder, dissociative disorders, personality disorders and/or feeding or eating disorders such as: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder.

Magnolia Creek has a treatment capacity of 14 patients and accepts most major insurance plans. Magnolia Creek is owned and operated by Odyssey Behavioral Healthcare.

Magnolia Creek Treatment Center
645 Crenshaw Road